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BBQ Menu

How it works:  We arrive approximately one hour before your event begins. Food and drink service is for 2 hours.  We provide tables for the food, tablecloths, napkins, disposable plates and cutlery.  Minimum 40 adults required £860 + VAT.  We will require a table for any remaining food to be placed before departing.  Pop up marquee for hire: 10/10 ft £75 + VAT or 10/20 ft £175 + VAT.

Menu 1 £21.50 per person + VAT

Handmade pure steak burgers
Sticky smoked BBQ chicken skewers
Handmade farmhouse sausages
King prawns with roasted garlic and chive
Piri piri chicken wings

Menu 2 £24.50 per person + VAT

Chicken sweet pepper and coriander skewers
Lamb rib chops with balsamic and mint
Handmade farmhouse sausages
King prawns with roasted garlic and chive
Piri piri chicken wings

Menu 3 £14 per person + VAT

Pedigree steakburgers with treacle bacon and swiss cheese
Home smoked hotdogs with treacle bacon and swiss cheese
Served with salad, condiments, and floured baps

Minimum 50 persons

Chef only

Menu 4 £31.50 per person + VAT

Tournedos of fillet steak
Lamb rib chops with lavender and rosemary
Piri piri king prawns
Handmade farmhouse sausages
King prawns with cumin and coriander

Salads Choice of 3

Extra salads can be provided for £1.50 per head

Fresh coleslaw
Gorgeous Greek salad
Thai noodle salad

Pasta sweet peppers and olives
Potato and chive mayo
Couscous salad

Spiced rice salad
Tomato onion balsamic salad
Chunky BBQ salad

Desserts – Choice of 2

Extra desserts can be provided at a cost of £2.50 per head

Apricot & Almond Tart

A frangipane tart made with apricots and almonds.

Bitter Chocolate Tart

An incredibly indulgent handmade pastry case filled with a dark Belgian chocolate ganache.

Cherry & Almond Tart

Iced Bakewell Tart

A traditional favourite with a handmade pastry base topped with Raspberry Seedless jam and almonds.

Chocolate Profiterole Torte

Fresh chocolate sponge topped with a rich and creamy chocolate mousse finished with Belgian chocolate dipped choux buns.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Torte

Dreamy torte made with Belgian chocolate and decorated with fresh raspberries.

Raspberry Meringue Roulade

A fruity fluffy meringue roulade topped with fresh raspberries and cream.

Toffee & Pecan Meringue Roulade

Luxury Chocolate Fudge Cake

A deep, indulgent chocolate delight. Layers of fresh sponge held togther with chocolate cream coated in a rich chocolate ganache.

All VISA cards are subject to a 2% handling fee. All bookings require a debit card as security for the event. All cancellations will be subject to a £400 cancellation fee.  Any equipment left behind at the request of the client will be subject to a collection fee. Functions that are cancelled less than 6 weeks before the event will be charged £860.