Hepburns Guide to the Perfect Rib Roast

If you have taken the step to buying a magnificent, grass-fed and aged rib of beef from us – but are slightly daunted at the prospect of cooking it – have no fear, we are on hand to help.

Just follow these guidelines and tips and you will be fine:

It’s all about the prep

Before you are ready to cook, make sure you take the joint of the fridge and bring up to room temperature.

Season generously

All meat – especially beef – benefits from seasoning first. We recommend a good handful of Maldon sea salt to be massaged in all over first.

Hot blast first, then steady as she goes.

Heat your oven up to 220°C and then place the joint in for a fierce roast for 20 minutes. This kicks in the Maillard effect, where all those amino acids and sugars break down to create that delicious crust. Then bring the temperature down to 160°C for the rest of the cooking.

Rare, medium, or well done?

Here at Hepburns, we recommend you serve our beef blushing pink but in all cases, a meat temperature probe will be your best friend here.

Rare = 50-55°C

Medium rare = 55-60°C

Medium = 60-65°C

Well done = 65-70°C

Wait for it…

Resting your rib roast is quite possibly just as important as cooking it. So cover with foil and leave in a warm place for a good 30 minutes before carving. This helps the beef to relax and all those lovely juices to impart.

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