Hepburns BBQ Tips – Low and Slow Chicken Wings

The 2021 BBQ season has got off to a jittery start this year, what with the weather, but we are confident that the sunshine will soon kick in – and everyone will soon be outside, cooking behind the grill.

If you are looking to try something a little bit different though, we are going to be running a series of recipe posts, to help you up the ante and show off just a little bit more.

First up are Low and Slow Chicken Wings. Ordinarily, most of us like to char-grill wings quickly over fire to get the party started. But if you take some extra time with them by using the indirect method on your BBQ* and apply a touch of smoke to proceedings, the end results are equally finger-licking good.

Also works very well with drumsticks – for heartier appetites!

*This method applies to kettle-style BBQs

Here is how in ten easy steps:

Step 1 – Marinate your wings overnight to get things going. We have a variety of flavours available and can prep this for you in advance. (Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce is pretty good though!)

Step 2 – Soak your wood chips. Oak and cherry are great for smoking chicken and you want them to smolder, rather than burn.

Step 3 – Start your fire up. Obviously always pays to invest in good charcoal – which we sell in the shop!

Step 4 – Set your BBQ up for indirect cooking. Essentially you want to place your coals to one side and a tray of water on the other side. This helps to regulate and protect the wings from the heat.

Step 5 – Place those wood chips onto the coals to get that smoke going.

Step 6 – Pop your chicken wings onto the other side over the water bath and close that lid.

Step 7 – Smoke low and slow for at least an hour, at a temp of 110°C. For a more intense smoke flavour, you can go to 2 hours, maximum.

Step 8 – Whilst waiting, pour your self a drink!

Step 9 – Finish by placing the chicken wings over the coals and grill directly for 5 minutes to crisp up.

Step 10 – Serve and enjoy!