We Have History

Established in 1932 by Ethel and George Hepburn, we have always strived to be the very best butcher in Essex.

From humble beginnings to present day, our company has evolved a great deal – leading the way in bespoke butchery, bacon production techniques and home cuisine.

However, we also still keep a strong sense of tradition at the heart of our business and that is reflected in the meat we prepare and in the food we create.

Be it sausages, pies or casseroles, everything we do is handmade in our kitchens and in small batches, with an unwavering passion and commitment to always create something that is truly special.

Four generations on, we are still loving this fabulous food journey.

Sustainable and traditional farming is paramount to us – especially when it comes to grass fed beef.

In our experience, cows put out to pasture and reared on a natural diet consistently develop magnificent marbling and a rich depth of flavour.

We also work in close partnership with our farms and suppliers to ensure the welfare and well-being of animals meets the high standards that we expect. The journey from field to fork is very important to us.

Grass Fed

We’ve Got The Key

Dry aging – this is the key and this is the secret as to why our beef is so good.

Everything is dry aged on the bone at Hepburns and the resulting quality and taste is the pinnacle of what we want to achieve. This has taken generations to perfect but time is exactly the thing that creates the right conditions for producing beef of this standard. 

Hung for a minimum of 28 days, the enzymes in the meat begin to break down and work a magic of their own. The end result is a deeper, fuller flavour and soft, succulent finish – all of which amounts to that comfort food feeling we all look for, when taking our first bite.

Keeping the Craft Alive

Generations of Hepburns have shared their knowledge in the beautiful art of butchery, passing down treasured techniques and skills, from hand to hand. We are very proud of this family tradition but we are also very excited about what the future holds.

It’s alchemy. It’s history. It’s what we do best.